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Paul McGillicuddy

Lifetime golfer working on getting to scratch handicap.  I started playing golf when I was 11 and played all the way through college.  I played on the Air Force Academy golf team and lettered my junior and senior years.  I played sporadically for the next 35 years until I joined Hoakalei Country Club, located in Ewa Beach, Hawaii in 2020.  Since then I play almost every day and have lowered my handicap from just over 7 to almost scratch.  This is the best golf I've ever played in my life, despite being almost 62 years old.

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Lag Shot Golf Review - You're not going to believe this!

This club has transformed my game. I'm no longer swinging at the ball but swinging through it.  See my before and after pictures here.  Here are some more quotes about the Lag Shot Golf:

"Cured my slice...for good!"

"Fixed my bent left arm at impact and got me to start rotating my hips."

"I can feel the tempo in my swing now."

"I broke 80 for the first time and can't wait to play more."

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Super Speed Golf System

Bottom line. Super speed golf system works.  I am half way done with the first course and have seen an increase of 5-10 yards with my irons and 10 yards off the tee.

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Swing Man Golf

 Swing Man Golf is a series of videos and instruction pamphlets designed to increase your swing speed but also help you hit the ball more consistently.  Anyone can flush a drive every now and then, but what we're all looking for is 30 extra yards every time.  

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Golf story

All Golfers Know This Feeling

17th hole at Hoakalei Country Club

Getting Your Career-Low Round In The Clubhouse

We've all been there. You're having a phenomenal round, potentially your best ever, and now you just need to hold on and finish strong.

Easier said than done, right?

Golf is like fishing. There are countless tales of "the one that got away." But sometimes, you manage to pull off a career-low round without any major disasters.

It usually boils down to one crucial shot that keeps the dream alive.

Comfort Zone and Your Game

When I played golf at the Air Force Academy, our coach would occasionally make us play from the forward tees. His logic? If we weren't accustomed to shooting low scores, the pressure of being in unfamiliar territory could lead to bad shots and a meltdown when we finally achieved it.

He compared it to driving through a new city. The first time, you're extra cautious, tense, and maybe even forget basic things like using turn signals. But after a few times, you relax and navigate with ease.

Shooting low scores is similar. If you're not used to it, you overthink and potentially choke. It happens to the best of us.

Professional Comfort

Professional golfers shoot low scores regularly. Ever wonder how they manage it? Unlike most amateurs who ease off the gas when under par, pros push even harder. They're comfortable in that territory. The more you experience it, the more comfortable you become.

The Career Round's Defining Shot

Comfort or not, for us average golfers, a career round often hinges on one key shot – usually one that's troubled us in the past. As the score gets lower, the pressure mounts, just like with a pitcher throwing a no-hitter. No one wants to jinx it!

My Story: A Close Call at Hoakalei

A few months ago, I was playing solo and hitting the ball well. Three-over through nine wasn't spectacular, but it was solid. Then came birdies on 10 and 13. Suddenly, I was in unfamiliar territory – 1 over par at my home course, Hoakalei Country Club.

Hoakalei's Challenge

Hoakalei, an Ernie Els design in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, is no pushover. It features deep bunkers, water hazards, fast greens, and consistent trade winds. The rough may seem benign, but it grabs your club and makes escape shots difficult.

And then there's number 8. This ridiculously tough par 4 plays 414 yards into the wind with water right and out-of-bounds left. The green is guarded by bunkers and water, and severely sloped. In a Sony Open qualifier, the stroke average was nearly 6!

At almost 60, playing the 6,226-yard layout requires accuracy, a strong bunker game, and some putting prowess. Breaking 80 is a good day for me.

Hoakalei's Amen Corner

Many courses have an "Amen Corner," like Augusta National's 11th, 12th, and 13th. At Hoakalei, it's 14, 15, and 16. Think of 14 as the back nine's version of number 8, while 15 is a long hole with a tricky green, and 16 plays into a wind funnel. Getting through these unscathed is a feat.

While I braced myself for a likely bogey or two on these holes, my biggest worry was number 17.

The Critical Shot on 17

The par-3 17th at Hoakalei plays 170-200 yards depending on the hole location. It's usually downwind with water and a bunker left of the green. Misses tend to go short or right. Anything left finds the water. A 6 or 7 is not uncommon.

My miss? Left, especially with a hybrid. With each par on 14, 15, and 16, the dread for this shot grew. Hit it even halfway decent, and the worst you can make is a bogey. Number 18 is a straightforward par 5, so this was my make-or-break moment.

Nerves and Focus

Being alone on the course, I took my time. Maybe too much time, as I ended up backing off the ball twice (something I rarely do). It was pure nerves.

Taking a deep breath, I refocused on the insignificance of the shot in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, being almost 59 has its perks – perspective comes

Easy Does It

With that newfound perspective, I stepped up with one simple swing thought: easy hands and commit. I flushed the shot, finding the green, and calmly two-putted for par. A par on 18 sealed the deal for my personal best round in a very long time.

Your Turn: Share Your Story

Have you ever had a critical shot that defined your round? Share your story in the comments below!

The Golf Blow Up

On the other hand we've all had rounds that started well and ended in disaster.  I once birdied 4 of the first 6 holes and shot an 81.  I had pars on the other two holes bymaking 40 foot par saving putts.  So I essentially one-putted the first 6 holes.  I knew it couldn't last and I eventually blew up on the back nine.

Favorite Golf Club

My Ping G410 driver.  Had it for just over a year and not even thinking about another driver any time soon.  I hit this driver, straighter and longer than any driver I've ever hit in my life.  Our course can play pretty tight with its sand traps and water hazards so hitting the ball straight is always at a premium.