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Best Golf Cart Accessories


Golf is about being outside, relaxing, and concentrating on the game. When you’re also concerned about your golf cart’s durability and begin to see wear and tear, it may take away from the excitement. Having the right golf cart accessories may ease some of the difficulties associated with golfing!

They are many accessorize options to personalize your golf cart, but which ones are suitable for your needs?

If you’re looking to get your golf cart in tip-top condition and up to your expectations. Continue reading to see which golf cart accessories may help you have the best-golfing experience ever. Ready to Accessorise Your Golf Cart?

The Best Accessories to Add to Your Golf Cart In 20201

1. Best Ovarall: STICKIT Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

The Magnetic Rangefinder Strap is made of industrial-strength magnets; once attached to the rangefinder, the “Stick It Strap firmly securely to any steel surface.”

One golfer rave about it as the bomb! It’s effortless to use, and it eliminates the need to search for your laser in the cart or bag. It just attaches to the coach’s frame directly in front of you, and then you quickly put it back.

The only minor drawback is that the strap covers the mode button. However, you may like it that way since most golfers do not want the mode to be adjusted easily. However, you can still use the mood selection button by pressing it hard, so this is a non-issue.

Overall, I considered this golf cart accessory to be very innovative. As previously mentioned, this golf rangefinder strap provides a great deal of ease. As a result, I recommend you try this unique rangefinder case for maximum comfort.

What I Like:

  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Good value for your money 
  • Fits virtually any rangefinder
  • Sticks easily to a cart or clubs (no matter how bumpy)

What I Don’t Like:

  • The strap covers the mode selection button

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2. Best Golf Speaker: Ampcaddy Version 3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker

The Ampcaddy golf speaker is an excellent option if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that sounds big and bolder yet still manages to be portable.

It’s the best budget golf portable Bluetooth speaker I’ve seen, with golfers praising its crystal-clear voice sound.

It’s really unique if you like listening to music on the course, says one golfer, since the clamp and ability to rotate the sound direction are game-changers. Especially if you’re playing with those cranky old guys that truly hate music on the course”.

This speaker was designed with golfers in mind: The IPX7 rating ensures that it is waterproof and shock-resistant. The durable carrying strap makes it convenient to take anywhere.

The battery life is rated as 20 hours by Ampcaddy, although you’re likely to get up to 17 hours on a single charge. The Bluetooth range is about 100 feet—which is excellent.

I believe the most significant benefit Ampcaddy offers is the mounting function. You cannot go wrong with these Golf Cart Accessories, in my opinion.

The speaker fulfills all the requirements for a portable golf speaker. Size, sound, and ease of use, and much more.

What I Like:

  • Better clarity and rich sound
  • The speaker can be swiveled in multi-directional
  • The built-in clamp attaches and detaches in seconds.

What I Don’t Like:

  • it is not super durable, but it’s built to last

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3. Best Universal Fit Side Mirror: Moveland Universal Golf Cart Mirrors

If you are in the market for a cart mirror that’s affordable and high-quality, this one from Moveland may be a good fit.

The Moveland universal golf cart side view mirrors offer a wider viewing area for improved visibility. With no vibration after installation, it allows you to drive your cart anywhere.

It makes no difference what type of golf cart you own. Due to the universal fit, you may use this set on any model and expect the optimum performance.

This mirror installs easily in your golf cart and can be adjusted for the perfect view. You may change the mirror completely to prevent future breakage.

This one is made of molded plastic and has a good impact resistance capacity. Additionally, it comes as a two-piece set, with each mirror measuring 7 x 5.5 inches.

What I Like:

  • Reasonable price
  • Amazingly easy to install
  • Excellent visibility
  • The fold-in mirrors are fully adjustable

What I Don’t Like:

  • Minimal vibration

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Excellent Alternative: 10L0L Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

If the previous side mirror was not to everyone’s liking, this alternative might be a better fit. 

It’s designed to fit on Club Car, Yamaha, and EZGO golf carts and helps fill in any gaps left by the other mirror.

It may assist you in remaining safe on the course or anywhere you drive your cart with a more panoramic perspective.

It’s an excellent alternative for individuals who want to drive their carts on public highways.

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4. Best Cart Cover: Formosa Golf Cart Driving Enclosure Cover

If you find yourself stranded on the golf course or even at the grocery store and it begins to rain, you will be thankful you have a golf cart enclosure.

Cart enclosures are another excellent golf cart accessory to install to provide additional protection for the cart itself.

While cart enclosures serve various purposes, the most frequent is to protect the golf cart and its occupants from dirt, mud, rain, and rocks thrown up by the wheels.

Suppose you own a four-seater with a roof that covers just the front two seats. In that case, the Formosa Premium Tight Weave will assist in protecting your rear-facing passengers.

This enclosure’s entrance door slides toward the front, shielding you from wind and rain. If you have a four-seater cart with a roof less than 60 inches in height, the Formosa should fit well.

One of the common often voiced concerns about any golf cart enclosure is the Zippers. Unless the zippers are very well-made, they will degrade with time. The zippers of the Formosa operate well, and the connected velcro straps let you keep the doors open if desired.

One of the biggest complaints about any golf cart enclosure is the zippers. Unless the zippers are exceedingly high quality, they will deteriorate over time. As the zippers get harder to use, the cart enclosure itself becomes almost inoperable.

What I Like:

  • Sturdy tie-down hooks
  • Easy to put on the cart and store
  • Seems to be made of a highly robust material

What I Don’t Like

  •  It’s not made a custom-fit cover

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5. Best Grab Bar: Smart Parts Golf Cart Rear Seat Safety Grab Bar

If you are worried about safety while riding your golf cart, this straightforward Smart Parts safety grip bar should make things a lot simpler.

Like step stools, safety grab bars are excellent additions that make getting on and off the golf cart simpler for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.

While added to your golf cart, this safety grab bar provides additional protection when getting into and out of the back seat. Additionally, it may be used to rest while a passenger is being driven about in the cart.

Consequently, you can safeguard any younger drivers who may accompany you or other people who are unfamiliar with riding in carts.

This one-of-a-kind grab bar is crafted from high-quality steel and finished in black, giving it a sleek but sturdy appearance.

This grab bar with increased stability has universal fitting compatibility, making it suitable with almost all golf carts equipped with a rear seat. The reflective strip adds an extra layer of safety and protection at night.

What I Like:

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Easy to add to the cart
  • Manufactured from high-quality steel
  • Compatible with the majority of Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha models

What I Don’t Like:

  • It may not be compatible with some fold-open carts.

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Final Thought

Choosing to purchase golf cart accessories for your cart may elevate your golf game to new heights! Additionally, there is little question that including some of these features will make riding in your golf cart much safer and more enjoyable.

With such a broad collection of accessories designed to satisfy every degree of safety, function, and style, you’re sure to find the personalized golf cart you want!


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