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Best Sand Wedge for Good Golfers


The term “sand wedge” is somewhat misleading. Sand wedges are flexible wedges that may be utilized for many shots from both sand and grass. And with wedge accounting for almost a quarter of all shots, it’s evident that wedges are an essential component of your club set.

What exactly is a Sand Wedge?

As the name implies, the golf sand wedge is a club with a loft of 54° to 58°. It was designed to aid players in escaping sand bunkers. The best sand wedges use both design and technology to make this process as simple as possible for players of differing abilities.

Additionally, sand wedges are used to pop the ball out of the sand – they are more versatile than that. Most time, it’s the best, or only, club to use when hacking it out of dense rough; it’s the club you’ll reach for from 80 yards, and for many, it’s the club they’ll grab upon reaching the green.

If you’re looking for a traditionally designed, high-performance wedge that will always bring your ball out of trouble, look no further. I have reviewed the five best golf sand wedges currently available for good golfers. 

 Best Sand Wedges for Good Golfers

1. Best Sand Wedge 2021: TaylorMade Golf Milled Grind 2 Wedge

TaylorMade has nailed every element of these wedges: its design, technology, and performance. Everything about the Milled Grind 2 Wedge is first class.

The new TaylorMade MG 2 Wedge’s signature feature is the “Raw Face,” which feels rough to the touch and is intended to increase friction as the ball hits the face. This optimized spin and resulting in a more consistent, stable trajectory due to less skid.

This is accomplished thanks to deeper, sharper, and narrower row ZTP Grooves than the original MG. It combines laser grafting for an even more aggressive face in between each groove.

Compared to plated grooves, the MG2 design improves friction by preventing the ball from skidding up the clubface before gripping, resulting in a more consistent ball flight with each wedge stroke.

Not only can the MG2 wedges generate a ridiculous amount of spin, but they are also so spinny that they come with a warning label upon purchase! TaylorMade claims that these features above will result in a high greenside spin.

And if you’re in the market for a new golf sand wedge and want one that will provide maximum spin control while also looking great. Then, look no further than the TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge.

What I Like:

  • Looks fantastic
  • Excellent feel and feedback
  • Versatile and workable
  • High and consistent spin

What I Don’t Like:

  • Suitable for lowest handicappers
  • Very rough face damage your balls

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2. Best Sand Wedge for Mid Handicappers: Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Cleveland has a long history of producing excellent wedges, so it’s unsurprising to see their invention in cavity-back wedges. Cleveland’s first CBX wedges were perfect, but the CBX 2 wedge is much better.

The CBX is a cavity back wedge, but the feel has been fine-tuned to seem almost forged. The hollow cavity combined with the gel-back insert provides a highly soft sensation when the ball bursts off the face. 

It works with wide shots and touches shots, providing excellent feedback that is just enough to feel natural without being unpleasant.

The wedge is designed to simplify the short game for beginner players by offering more forgiveness while maintaining the spin and control. It’s an excellent choice for golfers with a mid-handicap.

The company claims that the CBX’s hollow cavity design and toe-biased center of gravity provide control, spin, and lots of forgiveness for any golfer. 

It retains Cleveland’s famous tour wedge technology while adding forgiveness to assist serious players in improving their short game.

I think it is because of their sole grinding, perimeter weighting, higher spin, and improved feel. This combo of features makes the CBX 2 Wedge critical to playing your best golf.

What I Like:

  • Excellent weighting
  • Exceptional forgiveness and tons of spin
  • Excellent shape and feel
  • Lighter weight stock shaft

What I Don “t Like

  • Wide sole harder to hit clever shots

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3. Versatile All-Rounder Sound Wedge: Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

Mizuno has enjoyed a great run-in recent year, owing to the success of the MP-20 Iron line and T20 Golf Wedge. Mizuno’s has established it as the preferred material for adding strength and uniformity to its wedge designs.

This sand wedge has loft-specific grooves, more robust grooves, and a unique function that ensures these clubs play optimally in all situations.

Precision CNC-milled Quad-Cut Grooves change in width, but it depends on the loft. This assists in producing the optimal amount of trajectory control and spin for each club. 

The tiny Hydroflow Micro Grooves disperse moisture upon contact, assisting in maintaining high spin speeds. Additionally, it has a classic tear-drop design that gets more rounded as the models of the loft increase.

Suppose you value instructional or enlightening shot feedback. In that case, I’m not sure there is a wedge on the market that will teach you more than the Mizuno T20. And when it comes to pure hits, the feeling is near-perfect. You’ll feel the most profound, most gentle vibrations you’ve ever felt at impact.

The T20 Wedge has a silky feel but is also immensely powerful. And when you make a successful shot, this kind of sensation just adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction of each hit. A good shot is comparable to eating a juicy, tasty steak. And the T20 makes the steak even more juicy and delicious.

What I Like:

  • Superb looks
  • Feel is second-to-none
  • Unbelievably consistent control and spin 
  • Good all-round performance (both in ‘Wet v Dry’ conditions)

What I Don’t Like:

  • Feel nice without being excellent
  • Slightly chunkier than anticipated
  • Bounce and grind were somewhat ambiguous

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4. Best Value Sand Wedge: Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson is well-known for manufacturing high-quality sports gear. Among them are their golf clubs. The Harmonized chrome wedge is one of the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers and a style that may make all the difference in your swing, score, and trajectory.

The Harmonized Black Chrome is a stylish golf wedge with a special sole grind that enables you to open the face cleanly for effective strokes.

This will aid in taking shots from both the sound and the rough. When the face is square, this wedge performs well for full and chip shots from the fairway — one of the many reasons this wedge is so versatile!

You’ll immediately notice how much your game improves, and you’ll quickly learn to depend on this wedge for a variety of strokes throughout each match.

It is very affordable, sturdy, and has an anti-glare option; the sand wedge loft is 56 °. While its blade shape and deep grooves promote the spin necessary to get near to the pin.

Let’s remember that this is a bargain wedge. This wedge does not come with a selection of high-end shafts. It comes with a conventional steel wedge flex.

Nonetheless, it is an attractive wedge with a pleasant grip and constructed of accurate temper steel, indicating that the low price is not due to inferior materials.

What I Like

  • Great value for money
  • Unblemished leading edge
  • Versatile and straightforward to hit

What I Don’t Like

  • Less aggressive grooves
  • Specific remark from users that the grip is too small

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5. Callaway Golf Men’s Sureout Wedge

Callaway is a name that is known to golfers, and they have created a diverse variety of best-selling clubs for decades. Their Men’s Sureout Wedge model, which has been on the market for a while now, has a reputation for being one of the best forgiving sand wedges available for players with a mid-handicapper.

This Sureout Wedge performs very well when it comes to getting the ball out of a sand bunker.  This is because the clubhead is constructed so that it allows you to simply slip the club under the ball and lift it into the air.

The sole is effective in both soft and hard sand, enabling the golfers to get the highest performance playing bunker shots with the face square.

The clubface is well-rounded, with seventeen grooves that reach the whole width of the clubface. Rather than being cast, the grooves are machined into the face. It is really amazing the kind of ball spin you get from impact.

The rounded leading edge also makes it much simpler to get the club under the ball, increasing your chances of making contact. This design is quite like other forgiving wedges.

The Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Sureout Wedge has an expertly crafted groove that maximizes spin and durability. The track is designed to facilitate blasts from the green while also providing more spin for quick-stopping shots.

As a result, the improved groove design combined with a higher toe provides the best trajectory control possible. With the Callaway Sureout sand wedge, you should never have to worry about missing shots again.

What I Like

  • Lightweight 
  • Superior wedge specific shafts
  • More giant face for improved playability
  • Designed for simple greening and bunker explosion

What I Don’t Like

  • Suitable for only sand bunker shots

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Final Thought

These sand wedges are a well-balanced, short game club that performs well from any position on the green.

While wedge designs may seem straightforward at first glance, a deeper examination reveals that nothing could be farther from the truth. Sand wedges are very flexible golf clubs that may be utilized for various strokes from both sand and grass.

The market is overwhelmed with a variety of high-quality sand wedges for a good golfer. However, while shopping for a new golf sand wedge, note the many design elements to ensure that your new wedge is ideal for your golf swing and requirements.


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