December 10

Adidas Tech Response 2.0 Review: Blow Your Mind

December 10, 2021


I love my Adidas Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes!

Nobody knows what the tech response 2.0 stands for and I don’t care either.

I literally tried about 5 different brands of women’s golf shoes before I could find a pair that fit and looked great.

Finally, I found the answer with these amazing golf shoes.

Additionally, my husband loves Adidas golf shoes but I had never tried this brand so was a little apprehensive about getting a pair of these shoes.

Bottomline: In my opinion these are the best golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

They’re a perfect mix of style, comfort, price, fit and performance.

I’ll let you in on a secret too.

I bought a second pair in case these golf shoes go out of stock.

My daughter bought a pair too.

See the pictures of all three pairs!

Here are my honest thoughts about these shoes.

What I love about my Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

They’re stylish.

I feel confident when I wear them that they will go with whatever outfit I am wearing.

And, you don’t hear this much about a golf shoe but I feel it when I’m wearing these.

I’ve even gotten a few compliments around the club house.

I get improved traction and secure footing.

Our golf course has a lot of what I call spongy grass and we have wet conditions with some damp spots.

I never feel like I’m going to lose my grip.

Even when I give my swing a little extra umphff!!

These cleats dig into the grass comfortably and won’t leave spike marks on the green like metal spikes will.

Tech Response Golf Shoes Are Comfy!

The Tech Response 2.0 is an extremely comfortable shoe.

We always walk and rarely take a golf cart.

Our course is long.

It’s about a 6 mile walk for me to push my clubs 18 holes.

My feet are never sore and I’m never concerned about walking, even when I walk 2 or 3 days in a row.

I love, love the lightweight comfort.

I did not expect them to be this lightweight, yet be so durable.

Especially for the price I paid for them.

Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe Specifications:

Enhanced breathability

All around performance

Super comfortable

6 spikes

Core performance

Synthetic Upper

Lightweight EVA Midsole

Cool style

Overall Takeaway And Recommendation

The lightweight mesh material woven into this shoe offers good solid comfort.

The spikes are plastic and provide added control.

They’re easy to walk in, on and off the course.

They’re Super fashionable, especially with the signature adidas stripes.

Finally, they tend to fit perfectly.

I read the reviews and feedback on Amazon and this is a constant theme.

The perfect and true fit.

I don’t normally do reviews but this is one review I couldn’t pass up.

I highly recommend getting a pair of these shoes today.

After all, we already own three pairs of these shoes!!

Bonus Feature: Check out our Adidas Tech Response 2.0 unboxing video on YouTube


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