January 3

Best Blade Putters: A 2022 Review

January 3, 2022


Blade type golf putters are both flat and narrow and provide an excellent feel for the ball. 

Low-handicappers like these blades. 

In fact most putters are blade putters but mallet putters are gaining in popularity.

Let’s be honest, bombing drives is fun, but the short game is where the strokes are made up.

The most important piece of golf gear you will ever buy is your putter.

No matter which style putter you prefer, you’ll want something that is extremely forgiving, provides a consistent stroke and makes you comfortable when standing over the ball on the putting green.

Some players prefer a heavier putter and some are looking for a softer feel.

Maybe you want a jumbo grip or a stock grip.

Whatever your preference, golfers worldwide can agree how a putter feels is the most important aspect.

Blade putters tend to feel more solid for me. I Like a lighter putter and it helps me with distance control. While I’m known as a good putter, I’m not a great putter.

The offset keeps the golfer’s hands ahead of the ball when striking for a faster forward roll.

The hosel is a cylindrical part that connects the club head with the shaft. 

It is usually hollow and is made so the tip of the shaft can be fitted inside.

If you are a low-handicapper looking for a blade golf putter, the following clubs are worth your consideration.

There’s nothing more exciting than playing with a brand new putter. 

It’s a true leap of faith when you take the old one out and add the new one to the golf bag.

Check out the best blade putters here:

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter is a popular blade putter by well-known designer, Scotty Cameron. 

It is probably the best blade putter on the planet today.

It features a precision milling process to increase stability and roll off the clubface for increased accuracy. 

Additionally, it has an oversized head and heel-toe weighting that boosts forgiveness. 

it’s lie angle, soft feel, pure roll insert and classic blade style give the golf ball a consistent roll.

It’s known for straighter putts, more consistency and is a favorite of PGA tour players.

We’ve used this putter before and after just a few putting strokes on the golf course we could tell it was the best putter out there.

We LOVE the classic shape and even for an average golfer like me I could tell it with its firmer feel that this is a special putter.

If you are looking for the classic blade putter then get a Scotty Cameron.

Key Features:

Oversized Head – An oversized head increases the sweet spot which improves accuracy and forgiveness. 

Precision Milling – The precision milling process enhances stability and roll off while also ensuring maximum durability.

All the best blade putters are trying to keep up with the Scotty Cameron line of putters! 

The R1-J Blade Stand-Up Putter by Bloodline

When you consider that putting is 50% of your golf score, you need to make sure the putter you choose aligns with your preferences. 

So, even if a club is somewhat costly, you have to look at the putter’s features and dynamics.

Why should you wait to improve your golf score when you can use a blade putter, such as the R1-J by Bloodline. 

This putter allows you to stay focused on putting and bettering your golf score. 

The blade putter’s conforming and patented design combines stability with a tour feel/roll.

If you are like some golfers, you may not realize your alignment is off, even if you are putting shots that are short and straight. 

If you are striking the ball from behind, a Bloodline putter will get you into the habit of seeing where your ball is aimed. 

Therefore, switching out your putter can make a major difference in how you play the game.

If you are seeking better alignment, this is the putter to choose. 

While the price is jaw-dropping ($499.00), you may not mind paying it after you play a few rounds with this innovative golfing tool. 

For this amount of money your golf game is sure to improve.

It’s expensive for a reason though because it’s one of the best putters ever made.

It could be the right putter for you!

The CNC machined putter is well made and is manufactured with an anodized aluminum and stainless steel design. 

The shaft is made with carbon fiber and is configured to be oversized and round.

For the committed golfer, this blade putter is a game changer. 

Why not test it out for yourself? Visit the Amazon website for further details.

Orlimar Red T2 Golf Tangent Blade Putter 

This budget-priced and striking red putter by Orlimer is not only colorful but has some features you cannot overlook. 

Besides the high-optical red-hued putter comes with a neoprene body headcover with Velcro closure to keep your T2 putter protected. 

The putter features a 35-degree toe hang, which fits the golfer well with a slight arc putting stroke.

Because blade club faces are somewhat convex, various areas of a face may point in different ways – the toe side points more to the right side, while the heelside veers to the left.

Toe/heel weighted and with a plumber’s neck hosel, this putter is made in the traditional style. 

The hosel is offset designed so that your hands are placed toward the front. 

The blade putter’s soft milled insert gives the ball a delicate but precise sensation when struck.

This forgiving putter will help hit putts a consistent distance and lower your scores.

With its machined alloy insert, zinc body, 35-inch steel shaft, and velvet putter grip, this putter will contribute to superior game performance at a reasonable price.

Buy this putter on Amazon.com for $43.16 today.

Tour Stroke 35-inch Trainer Blade Putter by Evnroll

This highly rated blade putter gets high marks on the Amazon website. 

The shaft, made of alloy steel, is a can’t miss value. 

Made for right-handed golfers, the red/grey putter comes with a pistol putter grip and a free headcover. 

I putted with one of these the other day and couldn’t believe how good it felt.

A buddy of mine let me try it out on the practice green.

I love the innovative technology incorporated into the head shape and the precision milled face.

He had his especially made with a lower lie angle.

That day in our round together, he made everything!

Get this product on Amazon.com at its current price of $149.95.

The 2021 King Vintage Blade-Designed Putter Line by Cobra Golf

This putter brand is made for both lefties and right-handed golfers. 

Manufactured with a stainless steel body, the putter displays a single sightline to improve a golfer’s alignment at address. 

The aluminum face insert features SIK Golf proprietary descending loft technology, using 4 descending lofts to guarantee a more accurate and consistent roll for each style of putting.

This premium putter also displays an adjustable weight system. 

The Sport 45 putter, for example, comes with two 20g sole adjustable weights, which you can adjust up to +5g or -10g each to adapt the head weight of the club. 

These adjustable sole weights will allow you to optimize for consistent performance.

You can use heavier or lighter weights, which are sold separately, to dial in stability and feel.

Style names for this Cobra Golf lineup include the Nova, Sport 45, Stingray, Stingray 40, and Torino.

Each Cobra’s putter features a Lamkin Smart Grip design, which comes with an embedded sensor that syncs to your smartphone device. 

Using an Arcos Caddie app, golfers can monitor their putting progress so they can improve at a faster rate.

Check out the Cobra lineup on Amazon.com today. The putters are priced currently from $197.00.

Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey White hot #1 Stroke Lab – OG – Putter led all tests. 

The facts tell the stories. 

Regardless of your putting stroke, arc putting stroke or straight back and forth, the Odyssey white hot OG will make you a better putter.

The White Hot Insert originally appeared on the market for some time and is now available. 

This was a no disappointment 2021 Most Wanted Blade Putter winner.

From Golf Digest to player polls, this is the number one putter on the market today.

We love the face inserts which have a quieter sound and we love the head shapes with all the OG putters.

Besides the Scotty Cameron this is the best putter on the market.

Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Sport 45 Putter 

One of the best things about a golf club is that it doesn’t need to be overly flashy or complicated to work well. 

In fact, simplicity can often times be an advantage over over-engineered clubs. 

The Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Sport Putter is a great example of this concept in action. 

In terms of price, performance and aesthetics, it’s one of the better all-round putters on the market at this moment.

Key Features:

Stainless Steel Body-A Classic blade shape is constructed using 304 Stainless Steel and features a single sightline to improve alignment at address.

Sik Aluminum Face Insert-An aluminum face insert features SIK Golf proprietary Descending Loft Technology, which utilizes 4 descending lofts to ensure the most consistent and accurate roll for every style of putting stroke.

Black Widow Blade – 100% Milled Premium Putter 

The Black Widow Blade – 100% Milled Premium Putter was created with the idea that a putter should be as accurate and consistent as possible. 

It features a firm, solid feel which makes for improved accuracy and consistency. 

At face value, it’s merely an attractive metal putter, but once you hit it with a putter you’ll understand why it’s so popular. 

Key Features:

Stainless Steel Putter – This stainless steel putter is made of the same material typically found in high-end kitchen utensils and features a beautiful double sightline design to improve accuracy at address.

Black Widow Grip – The Black Widow grip rests on the upper hand for maximum comfort and the grip is held securely by using double-sided tape to increase stability.

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter

The Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter features a classic blade design with an attractive satin finish, making it an excellent choice for any golfer looking for an elegant, well-made putter at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

Classic Blade Design – A classic blade design features forgiving grooves to improve accuracy and consistency, while the mid-mallet shape provides maximum stability. 

PVD Finish – This precision milled putter features a PVD finish which is rust resistant, reduces glare, and provides a sleek look.

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter features an aluminum face insert that ensures fast roll off the face of the club for increased accuracy. 

It also has a responsive back-cavity design that enhances feel on impact. 

Meanwhile, the stainless steel body is lightweight and features a double sightline design to improve accuracy at address.

No matter your putter stroke, your going to love this putter.

Key Features:

Stainless Steel Body – A stainless steel body ensures maximum stability while the two-toned single sightline provides improved alignment. 

Aluminum Face Insert – An aluminum face insert allows for accurate roll off of the club face, which helps increase accuracy and consistency.


Thank you for taking a look at our best blade putters review!

We believe the Scotty Cameron Special Select takes top billing as the best blade putter. 

Mallet putters are good but we prefer blade putters.

While I’m not a fan of face inserts, I think the soft feel throws me off, I do understand they help with distance control.

Not interested in blade putters, be sure to see our review on mallet putters.


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