December 8

Best Golf Windbreaker: You’re Gonna Want One!

December 8, 2021


If you are a devoted golfer, you know that, come rain or shine, you want to play golf and therefore, you need to find the best golf windbreaker to keep you warm and dry.

The following suggestions will inspire you to play even longer on the golf course during rain and wind.

I’ve played my fair share of golf in the wind and the rain and there’s nothing like an amazing rain suit to block out the wetness.

The key to playing golf in tough conditions is keeping your sanity and keeping dry!

This is one piece of golf gear that you probably need. Most of the time you’ll buy it and stuff it into your golf bag and forget about it.

That is until you need it!

As far as golf clothing is concerned this is your most important piece of equipment besides your golf shoes.

How much do the best golf windbreakers and rain suits cost?

The cost of rain gear varies, depending on the material, product, and quality.

Some golf rain suits fall under $200 while jackets may run as high as $400.

If you spend a good deal of time on the golf course on rainy days, you may want to spend more money.

If you’re a retiree like me who can play whenever, but I still have a good golf rainsuit.

Just in case.

Even though I live in Hawaii and the weather’s great all the time.

I might need a very light pullover from time to time….maybe but not very often over the course of the year.

If you play golf in an area that has 4 seasons or you play in a lot of tournaments then you need rain gear and a good wind breaker.

Does your golf windbreaker need to be water proof?

The best golf rain gear is classified as waterproof or water-resistant.

Rainproof gear only repels drops of rain from your jacket.

Otherwise, it will get soaked.

If you experience bucket-down rain where you live, you will lose money by spending money on anything labeled rainproof.

Today’s waterproof rain technology resists more water.

Products, such as those offered by the FootJoy brand, feature a two-year waterproof guarantee.

When making a decision, see how long the rain apparel can stand up under continuous rain.

If your rain jacket can last four or more hours in the rain, that will get you through a round of golf.

Anything under that time will only leave you drenched and cold.

The best golf windbreakers are waterproof.

Is it a waterproof golf jacket?

When it rains, the wind also adds to the damp and cold.

Before choosing your rain apparel, look at the specs, making sure your jacket or rain suit is also windproof.

 Now you know what to look for in a golf rain suit or jacket, the following review will help ensure a better decision.

Think about your golf swing too

This is a big consideration. If you can’t swing in your waterproof golf jacket then what good is it?

I’d rather be a little chilly or a little damp and be able to swing.

Preferably, I’d like to be warm, dry and be able to swing.

And swing hard if I need to.

How much does your golf rain suit weigh?

After all you or your caddie will be lugging it around the course.

You’re looking for a lightweight golf jacket and pants that keep you warm and dry and that don’t cost a fortune.

I also like mine to have zip pockets so I can store an extra glove or two.

Top Waterproof Golf Jackets

Let’s first begin with jackets for those days when you really need a jacket to keep you from feeling cold or damp.

1. A Number 1 Amazon Bestseller: Columbia Men’s Watertight Ii Jacket

It is easy to see why this machine-washable jacket is a popular seller on Amazon, as it offers a zipper closure to keep out the rain and wind, and is made of a 100% nylon exterior and 100% polyester lining.

Whether you are faced with a drizzle or downpour, this jacket will keep you warm and dry.

This is one of the best golf jackets for cold weather.

 The OMNI-SHIELD barrier on the jacket resists the absorption of liquids, which repels water spots.

Because the jacket dries fast, you avoid problems with any types of stains.

The jacket, which sells for $50-75 on Amazon, comes in an array of colors.

 You get free shipping, as well, when you order this product. The only drawback about the jacket is that you cannot fold it into a compact size.

However, it provides great protection when the wind is chill or the air is damp or drizzly.

2. Weatherproof Men’s Midweight Water and Wind Resistant Soft Shell Jacket

Weatherfront has your back when it comes to windy and rainy weather conditions. While the jacket is not waterproof, it is water and wind resistant – good for those days when you are faced with a light mist or rain.

Made of a 95/5 polyester/spandex shell and featuring a zipper closure, this easy-case, machine wash jacket has a lining bonded with a comfortable and soft-brushed polyester lining.

Because the jacket’s materials give it a slight stretch, you can swing a golf club without worry or concern.

The jacket comes with an intuitive utility, as it fully zips up to a stand-up collar, safeguarding your neck and body from the elements.

The adjustable velcro cuffs and waist drawcords allow you to customize the jacket’s fit for added protection.

 The 3-exterior zip-secured pockets on the sides and on the left chest make carrying golf balls or change easy and secure.

You can use this jacket year-round.

Therefore, it comes in handy, whether you play on a chill summer’s evening or during a cold winter’s day.

Buy this jacket, which comes in a full array of sizes on Amazon, from around $48.00 to $82.00.

The jacket is a true fit item, so you can order your regular size.

Getting Serious about Rain Protection with Rainproof Suits – Jackets and Pants

For those days where you need full rain and wind protection, the following products are well worth your consideration.

3. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic All-Sport Rain Suit (Waterproof and Breathable)

If you are serious about golf play on rainy days, this FROGG TOGGS all-sport rain suit, made of 100% polypropylene, will not disappoint.

The pull-on closure and machine-wash gear features a fully sealed seam and includes the brand’s DRIPORE GEN 2 mid-layer for added water and wind resistance, plus all-day breathable comfort.

 While the full-length parka-style jacket comes with an adjustable and removable hood, the pants display an elastic waistband and adjustable leg opening with a 4-panel cut straight design.

Besides golf, you can use this rain gear for biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, or similar outdoor pursuits.

The jacket and pants are incredibly priced from $24 to $117 on

4. Ourcan Rain Suit – Waterproof and Lightweight Hooded Rain Jacket and Pants

Made of PVC and Nylon, this breathable and quick-drying rain gear is water-resistant and comes with an inner anti-oxidant mesh lining that offers great ventilation and protection against the wind and rain.

It’s keep the wet out and you won’t lose all your body heat.

The raincoat features two convenient zippered hand pockets and a chest pocket, so you can store items quickly and easily.

The jacket’s elasticated cuffs prevent the rain and wind from chilling your body while the fleece-necked collar offers warmth against the cold and damp.

 You can remove the hood and carry it if you don’t need it.

Because it is small, you can place it in a small bag for simple transport.

That is why this rain gear is recommended for golf, hiking, or cycling on a rainy/damp/windy day.

The rain pants have an elastic waist and come with inner drawcords for easy movement.

 Adjust the drawcord and leg openings for the best fit.

This rain suit also comes with reflective tape for increased safety during dark days, in the evening, or at night. You can buy this rain suit on Amazon’s website in gray, black, or blue at $49.99.

5. OGIO Men’s Motus Pant

This generously-cut pant features an elastic waistband with belt loops and a zippered fly closure.

This stretch fabric is so cool!

It also displays two side expanders to accommodate the mid-section, plus an internal phone pocket with hook/loop closure.

The pull-on style allows for easy dressing, while the articulated knees and gusseted crotch add freedom of movement.

The Motus Pant is made of 100% polyester micro-fleece with an anti-pill finish and is available in navy or black.

The pants are designed to be worn over your golf shoes without having to remove them.

How cool is that?

You can machine or hand wash this product.

The pants have a water-resistant coating, so using these golf pants on a damp day is no problem.

These are just water resistant so they’ll be good for wind, and maybe a light drizzle that doesn’t last too long.

You can purchase this top-rated item for $45 to $60 from Amazon.

6. Columbia Men’s Watertight™ II Jacket

This product has a 2-layer, waterproof fabric with a backer technology that is breathable and offers maximum protection from the elements.

The jacket also has zippered pockets with mesh linings for added ventilation.

There are adjustable cuffs to keep your wrists dry and protected from wind and rain, and an attached hood that can be stowed in the collar when not in use.

The jacket is available in a variety of colors, including black, red, green, and blue.

The Watertight™ II Jacket is machine-washable and has a 100% polyester lining.

This product is designed to keep you dry in a light rain, but not when the weather is particularly windy or cold.

You can purchase this jacket for $80 to $100 from Amazon.

This is one of our favorite golf jackets.

7. Nike Storm-FIT Men’s Half-Zip Pullover

This waterproof jacket is constructed with specially treated lightweight fabric that is water and wind resistant and has a half-zip front for added breathability.

There are also zippered pockets and an elastic hem and cuffs to keep the elements out.

The jacket is available in black, blue, or green and can be machine-washed.

This is a lightweight product that can be used in light rain or windy weather.

You can purchase this jacket for $90 to $130 from Amazon.

8. Under Armour Men’s Storm Hustle II Hoodie

This hoodie is made of 100% polyester and has a water-repellent finish.

It also has a durable ripstop fabric that is designed to withstand wear and tear and is lined with brushed fleece to keep you warm and dry.

The hoodie has a half-zip front and zippered pockets for added storage and convenience.

It also features adjustable cuffs that can be folded up or down to manage warmth, along with the attached hood that can be hidden in the collar.

Hoodies are now cool. The young guns love them and I’m starting to see a few of the old timers wearing them.

The product is available in black, gray, or navy and can be machine-washed.

This hoodie is designed to keep you warm and dry in light rain or windy weather.

You can purchase this hoodie for $50 to $80 from Amazon.

9. Adidas Men’s Climaproof® Golf Rain Jacket

The Climaproof® rain jacket is made of 100% polyester and has a waterproof/breathable membrane to keep you dry.

Waterproof jackets are key.

One of its best features is it’ll also keep your extra golf gloves dry too.

This product also features mesh lining under the arms for ventilation, plus zippered pockets for extra storage space.

It has a half-zip front, elastic cuffs, and adjustable drawcord at the waist for a snug fit.

The jacket is available in black, green, or red and can be machine-washed.

This jacket is designed to keep you dry in light rain or windy weather.

You can purchase this jacket for $90 to $130 from Adidas’ website or Amazon.

10. Puma Men’s MP Rain Jacket

This product is made of 100% polyester and has a waterproof/breathable membrane.

It also offers two side pockets with zippers, adjustable cuffs, and an attached hood that can be removed when not in use.

Gotta love them zippers.

They will come in handy.

This jacket comes in black or navy and can be machine-washed.

The Puma MP rain jacket is designed to keep you dry in light rain or windy weather.

The best feature is you can purchase this jacket for $60 to $80.

Bonus: Adidas Men’s Ultimate365 Rain Jacket

This jacket is made of 100% polyester and has a waterproof/breathable membrane.

It also features mesh lining under the arms for ventilation, plus zippered pockets for extra storage space.

The jacket has a full-zip front, elastic cuffs, and adjustable drawcord at the waist for a snug fit.

It comes in four colors: black, green, navy, and red.

The Adidas Ultimate365 rain jacket is designed to keep you dry in light rain or windy weather.

You can purchase this jacket for $20 to $50 from Amazon.

I’m a big Adidas fan so really like this one.

A Quick Story About Having a Waterproof Golf Jacket

In the spring of 1984 I got the chance to play Pebble Beach Golf Course.

For free!

It was my senior year on the Air Force Academy golf team.

We were allowed to play before any of the normal tee times, which essentially meant we would be teeing off in the dark before the sun came up.

We were all excited about playing this famous course.

But when we showed up to tee off it was raining hard and it was super windy.

The rain was coming down sideways.

I’ll never forget what our coach said.

“I hope you all brought your rain gear.”

We played 36 that day.

It was miserable, not going to lie.

But, we did all have our rain gear, so we made it through the two rounds.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Final Thoughts About Golf Jackets

Any of the above products are high quality items well worth the price.

Why not buy a rain suit and extra jacket?

That way, you can adjust your apparel to the weather, wind conditions, and temperature as you wish.

Keep warm.

Keep dry.

And most importantly, keep on swinging!


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