January 5

Best Mallet Putters: 2022 Review

January 5, 2022


Check out our 2022 review of the best mallet putters; join us as we search for the best mallet putter.

Maybe it is time to give up your blade putter. (We also look at blade putters here).

We’ll be looking at the premium mallet putter market as well as moderately priced mallet putters for the everyday player.

We’ll show the mallet putters that are going to help you get consistent roll and make more putts.

From Amateur golfers to PGA touring pros a putter is the most important piece of golf equipment in your bag.

A new putter that helps you get better results can transform your game.

No matter your putting style, putter grip or putter shape, there’s nothing like the feeling of a well struck putt and watching the golf ball roll into the hole!

It’s the ultimate thrill of the game of golf.

Regardless of the type of putter or your putting style it’s fundamental to strike putts on the center of the putter face!

Sure, booming drives is fun but I’d much rather be known as a good putter than anything.

Your putting stroke impacts your score more than anything!

To enhance your short game, you will need to find a mallet putter that is tailored to your stroke’s mechanics.

The putter helps you feel the golf ball when playing on the green.

Therefore, aim to find a shooting line and realize that your stroke is unique.

You will find putters come with various specs.

Therefore, use this information to help you find the right mallet putter for your game.

Mallet Putter Fitting

A putter fitting is just as important, maybe even more so than a driver fitting.

Also, remember, that the putter’s length also impacts your stroke.

If you choose the wrong size, you will veer off your putting line.

Putters range, regardless of the style, are from 32 to 52 inches long, and are made to keep your eyes over the ball.

Be careful about choosing a putter shaft that is too long.

If you are grasping your putter below its grip, you should probably select a shorter shaft length.

Maybe you are experiencing lower back pain while putting.

If so, it may be time to get a long putter.

To choose the right putter length:

●     Assume your putting stance and allow your arms to hang naturally

●     Have someone measure the length from the ground to just over the top of the hands – use this to choose a shaft length

Which do you like better?

A heel shafted putter or a face balanced putter?

Most putters are heel shafted but there are several really nice face balanced putters on the market.

Don’t forget about the putter grip either.

I prefer a midsize grip but several of the players I play with have the oversize grip design.

Introducing the Best Mallet Putter Head Design

Mallet putter represent a rounded and larger club head with the weight usually balanced through the club head.

Using a mallet helps you achieve a more consistent performance.

Mallet shafts enter the heel of the clubhead or its center.

Unlike a blade putter mallet putters might be a little more forgiving.

Let’s look at some top picks.

The Jamesmilr Mallet Putters by Topspin

The secret to this mallet’s design is its gear effect and curved face.

As a result, the moment of inertia (MOI) is notably high.

Not only is it easier to strike the ball, you’ll get a more consistent roll, even if you have an arc putting stroke.

The MOI represents a measurement in golf that shows a clubhead resistant to twisting.

The higher the MOI, the higher the resistance and the more forgiving a club plays.

This is the real reason most golfers switch putter heads from blade putters to mallets.

Therefore, a high MOI bodes well for the golfer wishing to improve their game.

Besides a very large MOI, this club also features a stable and supportive top spin face.

Therefore, you don’t have to deal with hopping, skidding, or backspins.

Anyone using this club can create a forward rotation while conforming to USGA guidelines.

Use this club if you experience your ball stopping short if you strike it with a soft follow-through or you feel forced to hit the ball somewhat harder.

By using this putter, you can adjust the distance of your backswing according to the distance and experience a smooth follow-through.

Since half your golf score is attributed to putting, you need to find the best putter for the money.

Choose this golf club at its current price.

The TaylorMade TP Hydroblast Bandon 3 Putter

With its classy good looks and solid and stable feel, this putter is a keeper.

It squares up easily and suits a pendulum stroke and an arc stroke as well.

Just one note of caution – the club does create sun glare from some directions.

Otherwise, you will find this mallet putter one of the best putters on the market.

It starts with the sandstone finish on the club, which is absolutely impressive.

The putter sits totally flush to the ground and its winged shape helps it to squarely meet the ball.

It has a similar feel to a blade putter.

However, because of its mallet design, the putter suits a wide range of playing styles.

Because of the face insert’s deep grooves, the club offers up a loud and firm sound upon impact.

This mallet gives you the confidence you need to improve your putting and your golf game.

An industry standard, the 303 stainless steel putter offers artisan features and flowing lines.

TP sole weights are unique to each stock length and therefore come in various weights for hitting a specific swing weight.

Each of the adjustable sole weights (2.5g, 5g, 7.5g, 10g, 15g and 20g) are sold separately.

Black Scotty Cameron Phantom X Mallet Putter by Titlest

Scott Cameron creates technically advanced mallet putters with the Phantom X line – a collection of putters that takes putting to the next level.

It’s truly the leader in the premium putter market

Each compact model putter mixes acute angles, promoting alignment with a sculpted and smooth contours that support Scotty’s philosophical rendering of a fluid fusion design.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter line will help you improve your putting by offering you various alignment options – including triple-milled points of view, innovative flange configurations, and border top lines.

This putter inspires confidence and better performance.

Pull this puppy out of your golf bag and you’ll look like a professional putter.

The mallets, made with precision-milled parts, offer seek outlines that deliver maximum weight allocation, tolerance, and feel.

This particular club offers a wingback design that is stable and simple and offers a firm feel.

While it may be a little expensive, you will find that the price matches well with the putter’s performance.

This is a go-to putter.

Use this putter if you want to have an arc in your stroke as the low bend shaft offers a good amount of toe flow and stability.

Despite the putter’s larger profile, the wings do not distract.

The white and seamless lines that run through the crown also serves as an excellent alignment tool.

This Scotty Cameron putter remains the top choice for many golfers and gets our vote as the ideal mallet putter.

It’s just as good on slower greens as it is on fast and won’t penalize you for off center hits.

I’m an average golfer and have always used a blade style putter and I loved the way this one felt.

We give the Scotty Cameron Phantom our highest marks and can call this one the best mallet putter!

It’s no wonder that so many golfers have a Scotty Cameron in their bag today!

Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Stingray Putter 

The VST from Cobra is a vintage-inspired putter that offers a soft, solid feel for players at any level.

Designed to take shots off your score and lower scores across all skill levels, this mallet has a high-MOI design that encourages a pendulum putting stroke for improved consistency.

With the VST’s precision milled face insert, you can expect better ball contact and more distance.

You’ll also gain control thanks to the center of gravity.

To help with alignment, there are double sight lines on either side the vertical axis as well as an alignment aid behind the sweet spot so you can aim precisely where you want your ball to go.

The putter has a lower center of gravity for a more stable feel and better performance.

We love the look and feel of the putter head and this makes our list as the #2 best mallet putter.

The soft, brushed aluminum finish also gives it a vintage look that you’ll love. This is a good choice if you want an alignment tool with the classic looks of old meets new technology.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter 

This Pinemeadow PGX mallet putter features a straight-line design with sloping arms that promote consistency from left to right on your downswing.

Designers used heel-and-toe weighting allowing for easy ball positioning and slower roll on the green.

It’s perfect for those players who tend to make contact off center, leaving their shots short or long.

The soft, responsive design promotes reduced skidding off the face for longer putts with more control.

PGX inserts are ten percent lighter than steel in order to optimize feel and performance.

Using lightweight aluminum, this Pinemeadow mallet putter also features a white oil slick finish that is both stylish and durable – perfect for contact-heavy players who need forgiveness on their shots.

Spider Tour Black Putter #3

This Spider Tour putter has a two-tone putter head mallet style with three sight alignment lines including an alignment bar behind the sweet spot.

We love alignment lines on the club head and find this really helps us with out putting stroke.

The speed channel sole provides faster roll speeds to promote increased accuracy across the green.

A milled face insert offers improved multi-layer face construction which optimizes impact consistency while producing softer feel.

A perimeter weighting design promotes forgiveness and better balance while adding to shot height.

A three-stage white finish offers a clean look with traditional playability.

This is the perfect high quality putter if you want an alignment tool without breaking the bank, at under $100.

Evnroll ER10 Outback Mallet Putter

The Evnroll ER10 putter provides serious roll for any type of player thanks to its high MOI shape, which ensures ball speed consistency across your entire putting stroke.

Ergonomically designed with input from Tour pros, this mallet features four layers of milling on both sides of the face insert, which produces optimal spin control and feel even on mis-hits.

Evnroll’s TPU face insert, which is ten percent lighter than steel, offers higher ball speeds and low skidding for better accuracy.

A lower center of gravity promotes increased stability to help your accuracy, while an improved sole that resists turf interaction increases the speed of your roll.

Evnroll makes great blade putters but also makes great mallet putters as well.

Let this one be your next mallet putter you buy!

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter Limited Edition

This silver Ray Cook putter uses a milled face insert for optimal ball speed and impact consistency on every stroke.

The matte finish offers good looks while reducing glare to improve accuracy on long shots or those that require high precision.

It comes with a True Roll Technology insert that produces faster roll speeds across the face for more accurate distance control, as well as a ten percent larger sweet spot compared to other Ray Cook mallets.

The limited edition design appeals to those who want a professional-quality putter with an eye-catching look.

Bloodline Stand Up RG-1 Mallet Putter

The Bloodline Stand Up RG-1 putter has balance and accuracy thanks to its low center of gravity.

This mallet features four distinct groove lines that help the ball roll faster on both short and mid shots, which promotes more control and better accuracy overall.

A multi-layer face insert offers speed consistency as well as soft feel, while new Energy Transfer 2 (ET2) technology adds weight to the head without making it feel heavy.

This will be perfect for those who want a unique look at affordable price bracket under $100.

Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter is affordable for its category.

It is well-balanced and gives you a nice feel when putting.

If you are looking for an attractive, high-quality product that won’t break the bank, this putter is a great option.

This mallet putter features a sleek matte black finish that looks good on the green – while also being easy to clean to prevent rust or corrosion.

It’s double bend shaft makes this wrenchable for either right-handed or left-handed users.

It does not have alignment aids but it’s not extremely difficult to get your target line correct with practice, based on how it feels in your hands.

This putter offers a great amount of forgiveness and feels very good on the green.

There are some negative comments that talk about how the paint wears off easily with regular use – but most players are fine with this given that they are happy with how well it performs.

This mallet putter has high marks for its design, accuracy, and affordability.

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

This putter is the standard 34” length.

Designers reduced toe hang while offering a good amount of stability at the heel.

This allows you to get your target line without too much difficulty.

We consider face dimension pretty large.

It’s great for putter alignment.

This mallet features perimeter-weighted technology that will give you great accuracy when picking up speed.

The head weight of this product is 370 grams which means it won’t be top-heavy on short shots.

This putter offers stability so you will find it beneficial when taking advantage of the larger sweet spot.

One of its most attractive features is probably the price tag given how well it performs.

It’s highly accurate and provides a nice feeling on the green – while being pretty affordably priced.

Spider Tour Black Putter, Double Bend

The SpiderTour Putters are known for being extremely well-crafted while also being highly accurate.

The triaxial carbon fiber allows the putter to have a great amount of accuracy without being too heavy or off-balanced.

It makes use of double bend technology which means you will be getting quality feedback and feel when putting.

Although not adjustable, there’s an alignment aid on the top line of the head so you can find your target easily and without difficulty.

This putter features a sleek matte black finish with white highlights.

It feels fantastic in your hands and has good forgiveness as well as speed pick-up.

If you’re looking to spend a little extra money on a putter but don’t want to spend too much, this product is definitely worth considering.

While it doesn’t have all the features of some other more expensive mallets, it has excellent accuracy while providing great speed pick-up – making it incredibly easy to get your target lines when putting.

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

This is an amazing mallet putter that is sleek, simple, and effective.

The mallet has a matte finish with black PVD face inserts – the large insert on the top of the clubface helps you line up more easily.

The deep-milled 240g stainless steel blade offers more stability so you can make great shots every time.

You will find improved accuracy due to the center shaft design which balances weight distribution throughout your swing.

It also allows for easy spin control because of its light weight.

Better balance makes this putter perfect for everyone who wants better shots!

Evnroll ER10 Outback Mallet Putter

This beautifully designed putter is crafted with a double-bend shaft and a stainless steel soleplate.

Its head is made of either chrome or nickel silver milled face inserts – the insert also helps you easily line up your shot.

The triple milled 19th hole at the top allows for an easy alignment system while the low-rise flange uses back weighting to improve stability on shots.

The pink accents give it more style, making this putter popular among women golfers!

Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11 Putter

This putter features soft white metal inlays that can enhance accuracy when lining up your game.

These metal inlays are placed in the sleek black finish which is highlighted by red striping.

The club offers a thin profile, making it simple to line up your game and achieve greater accuracy when you are putting.

This putter allows for more stability in your stroke with an adjustable weight track that is made of titanium.

With the weight track offering four different settings, this putter allows you to personalize your game by tailoring the face-heel balance to complement your unique style of play.

This putter has a nice thin top allowing you can see right through it – especially helpful if you have poor eyesight or need corrective lenses while playing.

While it isn’t the most inexpensive putter on the market, this price matches well with how well-made and durable this model is.

Bloodline Vale Stand Up Putter by MadCatz

This putter is designed for enhancing stability and accuracy. It has a 90-degree shaft that ensures better putting by improving your alignment.

This model also offers the largest sweet spot on the market compared to other mallet putters.

It features Velcro cable wraps which enhance weight balance and adjustable wrist straps for added comfort while you play.

The face is milled with precision and offers three different colors: red, blue or white – allowing you to better align yourself and improve your game.

Designed specifically for stand up putting, this style of putter helps reduce fatigue when playing long rounds of golf.

This model offers a sleek black finish with red accents, making it stand out in the crowd.

If you want a putter that is light and easy to set up, this model may be for you.

However, while it is lightweight, it isn’t particularly durable and will need frequent repairs or replacement of parts after extended use.

TaylorMade Spider X Putter Steel HydroBlast Flowneck

This Taylormade Spider X model offers a unique design with an exceptionally aerodynamic shape that enhances alignment and accuracy while putting.

The face has been milled to decrease turbulence throughout your stroke, making corrections more fluid.

It also features an adjustable hosel system, allowing the head weight to be adjusted for customizable performance – which enhances feel and control over distance and direction play.

It has six different loft settings and three different adjustable weights, giving you the option to adjust your putter to fit your putting stroke.

This model also has a sleek black finish and bright red highlights that set it apart from other similar models on the market.

The weight of this putter is well balanced and provides excellent stability, though some users find it a bit heavy or bulky compared to other models.

If you want a sturdy mallet with high weight concentration, the Taylormade spider x is the right putter for you.

TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter

This model is designed specifically for players with lower swing speeds who are looking for increased accuracy during play.

It features an adjustable shaft system, allowing you choose between L-neck or R-neck angles depending on your preference – giving you better control over your stroke.

The stainless steel insert is designed help reduce vibration throughout your stroke, making corrections smoother and easier.

It also has tungsten weights in the rear portion of the head, which helps give your putts extra momentum.

The perimeter weighting system around the club head sets this one apart from other mallet putters.

This model is available in black/grey with red accents for good visibility, giving it a sleek modern look that will suit any player’s personal style.

This model is durable and reliable, but requires frequent tightening of screws after extended use because they can become loose over time.

The lightweight shaft may be difficult to control for players used to heavier models, upping the learning curve when using this product – but once you get used to it the quality of construction makes up for it.

However if you are more comfortable with a heavier model this one might not be the best pick for your game.

Founders Club Stand Mallet Putter

This putter is designed to provide stability and accuracy through the swing, making it ideal for beginners as well as experienced players.

It has a stainless steel head insert, which is very durable and lasts through strenuous play.

The sleek black finish is built to last, giving you better visibility on longer shots – especially those made from a distance.

This putter gives you perfect balance between speed and consistency throughout your stroke, allowing you to make corrections at a more rapid pace than some other mallet putters.

The mallet offers a good amount of offset, which offers you added control during your stroke.

However, the off-set may be an issue for some players who have difficulty with alignment.

The putter does have a steep gradient so it’s important to position yourself accordingly.

The comfort grip is also ergonomically designed to prevent hand fatigue and gives you consistent pressure throughout the swing.

Orlimar F80 Putter

The Orlimar F80 putter is a great one that offers all the standard features of an excellent club.

This putter has a face insert that allows you to accurately hit the ball and align yourself properly for each shot.

The lightweight design is ideal for beginners who don’t want to feel bogged down by their equipment and will help you improve your game with its forgiveness and accuracy.

However, this particular model does not have as much offset as other models so it may be harder for some players to set up properly.

We found the Orlimar to be a “best mallet putter” candidate, especially for the price.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter

With the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #11 mallet putters, you can expect a certain standard of performance.

It has a lightweight graphite body and face inserts for added strength and durability – so it’s strong enough to handle the kinds of shots your golf game requires.

These putters have great feel and sound that allows you to get into a rhythm during each stroke, making consistency easy to attain.

The design also features an alignment tool integrated into the top line (for improved accuracy) and weight ports in both heel and toe (to promote speed).

Your grip will find its way naturally between your fingers for stability while maintaining balance throughout your stroke. The mallets come with adjustable weights, which allow you to make changes as necessary.

This club is versatile, allowing beginners and experienced players to transition easily.

It’s great for both types of putting strokes (pendulum and arc).

The Cleveland Golf HB Soft #11 putters are incredible clubs that are lightweight, responsive, easy to use, and very durable.

It gives you great results for better accuracy and precision – making it ideal for both beginners and professionals alike.

If you want something that will give you consistency against any kind of backspin or top spin then look no further than these putters.

They are one of the best out there!

Bonus Best Mallet Putters

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track

One of the issues with mallet putters is that they are often harder to align.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter features six alignment lines that you can use depending on your needs.

Stroke lab putters come with the patented stroke lab shaft, no toe hang and with the triple track they are in a class of mallet putters all to themselves.


We hope you enjoyed our mallet putter review.

These are the top mallet putters available today.

High MOI mallet putters aren’t for everyone but they are worth looking at and considering especially if you are struggling with putting and you are using a blade putter.

The switch to a brand new putter may be all you need!

Please be sure to check out our article on blade putters as well.

We wish you the best of luck out on the links and hope to see you out there some day.

We are affiliate marketers. Buying from our links does not increase your cost at all and helps us defray costs to produce these articles. Thank you.


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