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Best Offset Putters


Looking for the best offset putters?

Let’s face it.

A straight shafted putter might not be the best putter for everyone.

Many right handed golfers have a dominant left eye and might need an offset putter.

It doesn’t matter what the head shape is; mallet or blade putter, offset putters rock.

Look at Tiger Woods.

He uses an offset putter and it’s safe to say he makes more putts than anyone!

Why offset putters?

Offsets accommodate a dominant eye.

Use offsets to keep the face balanced and the hands slightly ahead of the leading edge of the clubface.

This produces a more consistent roll on the putting green.

Eye dominance plays a key role in putting.

Knowing your eye dominance is critical to proper putter fitting.

Offset putters typically have a bend in the hosel.

Accordingly, this is the putter offset.

Offsets come in varying degrees and can be slightly ahead of the ball or behind the ball.

The player uses the offset to keep the putter head in direct line with the the hole.

On the PGA tour you’ll find a mix and match of offset and non offset putters.

Having an offset is one of the best alignment aids you can get.

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X

titleist scotty cameron phantom x putter

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X is an offset design mallet putter that features a dark matte finish.

The unique appearance of this putter comes from the flat black color and face-sole weight screws that sit on top of the club dome.

There are two options available for those who want to purchase the Offset Putter: one with a 33-inch shaft and one with a 34-inch shaft.

The Phantom X putter is right hand only.

Want more accuracy?

Scotty Cameron putters tend to be the best on the market and in this case we agree.

Most Scotty Camerons come as a limited edition putter, this one is no different.

Apollo Golf Double Bend Offset Putter

Forget a straight shaft.

Go with the double bend offset shaft.

It’s one of the easiest putters to use.

Apollo Golf offset putters and other golf clubs and equipment are known for their quality and affordable prices.

This is one of the best double bend putters we could find.

There is a reason why the company was named after one of the most prominent gods in Greek mythology!

Apollo can help you feel like a true champion when you’re up on the green because they are committed to providing clubs that are designed with your best interests in mind.

The shafts are engineered with double-bend technology to maximize the player’s hand action, shoulder rotation, and body motion to produce a smooth putting stroke.

The shafts help you can aim better since they provide additional toe flow while you make your address.

This technology also allows players to make their full swings with the same smooth movement because the shafts are lightweight and have excellent torsional stability.

TaylorMade TP Patina Ardmore Offset Putters

TP Patina Ardmore offset taylormade

These offset putters are a new product from TaylorMade that are expected to get high marks from players who know their golf equipment.

The TP Patina Ardmore Putter head has a classic look and it combines innovative technology, allowing you to make powerful shots on the green.

It utilizes the company’s 3D White Milling Technology, which offers the players multiple sight lines for better alignment.

The TP Patina Ardmore Putter is also equipped with TaylorMade’s 360° Toe Flow Grooves to help provide better toe flow and smooth putting throughout the entire stroke.

The Patina comes with a matte white face, but what makes it different is its well-designed top line, which is a product of the 3D White Milling Technology.

It also has a pre-worn look that may either appeal to you or give you second thoughts about buying it.


Jamesmilr topspin putter

The JamesMilr TopSpin Mallet is a great putter that will help you make a difficult shot more easily.

It has a classic look, but it features a thick top line and thick offset for enhanced visibility.

This model also has an extra-long hosel with a deep flange to give you maximum toe flow – allowing your hands even more freedom as you make your long putts.

Tour professionals have also praised this product because it encourages players to roll the ball on its side. This will help you make your stroke consistent, even if you are making a very long putt.

It’s not too expensive and beginners or intermediate golfers can use it with confidence, knowing that they’re using a quality product.

Bloodline Stand Up RG-1

bloodline stand up rg-1

Bloodline offset putters are made from the finest alloy available to ensure optimal weight and balance, giving you maximum control.

There is a double bend shaft that provides your hands with a smooth arc while you’re out on the green.

You’ll want to make sure this is right for you at your next putter fitting.

It also has a large white alignment mark for better visibility, so you can easily aim and stroke without worrying about missing your target.

The sole of the putter is designed to roll smoothly on both sides of the ball during the putting stroke – no matter what angle or line you chose to use.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

pinemeadow golf men's pgx putter

These Pinemeadow PGX putters have a classic look and are ideal for both beginners and advanced players.

It features Pinemeadow’s patented V-Line alignment technology to make lining up your shot easier and more accurate.

The face also has slightly rounded edges, which can help improve accuracy and consistency.

This putter has a special “white line” on the top of its face, which is made from a large polymer insert that also contributes to the product’s sleek design and ease of use.

You’ll love how your dominant eye naturally sets up over the leading edge.

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

taylor made spider x putter

TaylorMade’s Spider X Putters are both a traditional and modern putters.

The club features a milled, stainless steel construction that makes the product long lasting and durable.

It also boasts of its heel-toe weighting with high MOI for exceptional forgiveness and stability on off-center hits.

One particularly nice feature is its adjustable sole.

You can easily change the loft and lie of the head, allowing you to customize your club according to your preferences.

The classy design makes it perfect for both low-handicap players.

It also boasts of an excellent soft feel with an advanced face insert that results in exceptional performance.

The premium material used is designed to control both speed and direction of the ball – making it more accurate.

Didn’t Scottie Scheffler just win the 2024 Masters with a Spider X putter by TaylorMade?

TaylorMade Truss Heel Offset Putters

taylor made truss putter

If you love center shafted putters, then this is the one for you.

Clear, concise lines will help you align the ball and with the shaft in the center you are almost certain to get a square hit and consistent roll.

Among the Taylormade brand this is a favorite.

New Evnroll Tour Stroke Trainer 35″ Blade Putter

new evnroll tour stroke trainer 35"

The New Evnroll Tour Stroke Trainer with a 35” shaft showcases unique technology that is meant to improve your putting – both in terms of accuracy and precision.

The club also promises to add consistency in your game, allowing you to play longer.

It’s 35-inch shaft, blade design offers players the feel of a conventional club with the performance of an enhanced putter.

The product is also made from stainless steel for durability and strength – making it long lasting.

The O-Beam Shaft Center Balance Technology features an innovative weighting system that provides stability and promotes a smoother stroke.

The club’s oversized blade design is meant to for better feel and players won’t have any trouble lining up the ball as the putter face has a bright, contrasting sightline feature.

The product also has well-spaced lines that promote accuracy.

If you want an innovative putter for your golf game, the New Evnroll Tour Stroke Trainer is one option that you won’t want to miss.

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