golf facts everyone should know.

How many golf courses are there?

There are 39,000 golf courses in the world which means there are about 650,000 golf holes give or take a few thousand.

Pro golf is hard!

Golf is an extremely hard game in which to make a living.  The #644 all-time money winner in golf has only made a little over $19,000.  That’s not much.  That’s all golfers who have ever played in PGA tour events.

All Time!

To put that in perspective there are 900 professional baseball players this year alone, almost all of whom are making over $500,000.

Most golfers are working hard on their game.

Half the male golfers on the course are struggling to break 90.  This is a scary thought, because it really means bogey is not a bad score.

How good at golf are you really?

Think you’re good because you are a scratch golfer?

Think again.  You’re about number 38,000 in the world.

Want to lower your handicap significantly?  

Fix your tempo, create lag at impact and extend on your follow through.  These three swing indicators are directly related to your handicap.

Do you want to hit the ball 300 yards?  

You’ll need to swing hard and fast.  At least 115 MPH.  As you get older, this will become harder and harder.

That’s kind of sad, but by then your tempo should be on point!