November 22

How to Pack for a Golf Vacation

November 22, 2021


Whether you plan to take a golf vacation for a week or longer, packing is an essential part of the process.

Hurriedly packing your clothes and clubs just won’t do.

You need to make sure you’re set to unpack with ease, as you will run into your fair share of obstacles when playing the links.

So, how do you pack with finesse?

The following information will give you the tips you need to achieve packing success.

Create Your Packing Checklist

Before you begin to pack, you have to create a packing checklist.

Make sure you have everything you need during your golfing vacation and trip.

For example, you should carry the following basics:

  • A travel cover for your golf clubs
  • A neutral colored sweater – one that is not too heavy and has versatile uses
  • A pair of sunglasses – sturdy and high quality
  • A vacation shirt – one you can wear away from the links
  • An easy-to-carry-and-store umbrella
  • An upscale day bag
  • A neutral colored shirt that matches everything
  • Golf pants
  • A rain sweater – in case it rains during that sunny golf escape (rainsuits are too bulky to pack)
  • Socks that feature padding and support
  • A golf cap that can be squashed, twisted, or bent, and still retain its shape
  • A golf travel bag

*Your bag or duffel, for packing, should be resistant to punctures and waterproof, making your items safer during travel than they probably would be at home. Find a bag with straps that can be configured into a backpack – so you can carry the bag on your back or at your side.

Now that you have an idea what to pack and what to use for packing, you’re ready to begin packing your belongings.

Tips for Packing Success

Use the following tips to get started.

1. Make sure you use all the available space in your golf travel bag.

For instance, you may not need to use all the shoe pockets in the bag. If so, you can use the pockets for items that you can scrunch up, such as nightwear or socks.

Usually, you will still have a fair bit of space left after you insert your golf bag. If you are taking a longer vacation, you can insert extra clothes or save the space for anything you buy on your trip. 

For instance, do you plan to buy wine or transport something breakable during your holiday? If so, take bubble wrap with you and use your clothing for added cushioning on the way back. Any liquids you transport over 100 millimeter, must be placed in your golf travel bag, as they cannot be transported inside of hand luggage.

2. Make allowances for weight. As a rule of thumb, an airline allows 20kg or 40lbs for golf bags, and for the rest of the stuff 23kg or 50 pounds. Always check with the airline before you begin packing. Most golf bags weigh around 12kg or 26lbs.

3. Some materials are scrunch-friendly, such as shirts or jackets made of seersucker, so keep this in mind when making clothing selections.

4. Always pack the stuff you need first at the top of the bag and pack the items that are not as  important toward the bottom. You really don’t want to try to wrestle through your bag, for instance, for items you need immediately, when traveling. You don’t necessarily have to pack toiletries, such as shampoo either, as you can buy these items when you get to your destination. 

5. Secure any toiletries in a separate bag, placing them at the top.

6. Packing light is always best, whether you are taking a golf trip or a regular holiday. For example, you can wear your golf shirt during your evening meal that you plan to wear the following day, changing into the next golf shirt at the next evening meal. That way, you will always have a fresh shirt for both occasions. 

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to choose clothes and footwear that you can wear on and off the golf course. For instance, you might think of buying golf street shoes. Spikeless brand shoes, such as the brand, Duca del Cosma Elpaso, feature Italian styling and premium handcrafted materials.  They are made for both women and men.

7. Roll soft clothes to fill in gaps in your golf travel bag. Again, you want to make good use of all the available space. Group items together to eliminate creasing. 

8. Pack any of your light or pale-colored clothes inside out so any marks made in transit will not show. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to pack and how to pack it can lessen the strain of vacation planning. Use the above tips to keep everything organized and in easy reach during your golfing holiday. Prioritize your items, packing the less-needed items first and stashing the items you need to access at the top of the bag. Make it easy to find your things by grouping them together and in order of necessity.


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