March 14

A Helpful Guide To Lag Shot Golf: 2021 Review

March 14, 2021


This is my personal Lag Shot Golf review.

Bottomline: get one of these clubs today and join the legions of golfers that are improving their games with this golf training aid.

Hitting crisp iron shots is one of the most important skills in golf.

It’s really hard to hit a good shot consistently, and even harder to train your body how to do so.

Do you want to hit more greens in regulation and fundamentally improve your golf game?

We all do.

Then look no further.

As far as swing trainers go this is the best I’ve ever seen.

A quick overview

This is a specially designed swing trainer that will help you fix your swing and give you amazing tempo every time you strike the golf ball!

The lag shot golf 7iron has been proven by numerous PGA Tour pros to be an effective training tool for improving consistency, power, distance control, accuracy and tempo with irons.

This is where Lag Shot training comes into play.

Adam Bazalgette – 3 Time Golf Teacher of the Year

Lag Shot can help you make an immediate improvement in your game by helping you learn how to properly swing the club at impact every time!

By training with this product, you’ll learn how to stay connected throughout your entire body during your backswing and downswing while maintaining proper tempo through impact.

When used correctly this training aid will dramatically improve your ability to consistently hit crisp iron shots like never before!

And, don’t worry it comes with training videos.

My chicken wing and how I am fixing it

I bought one of these golf swing training aids several months ago and I have to tell you, it works.  I’ve had a chicken wing bent left arm forever and it is the one flaw I am constantly trying to fix.

It drives me nuts!  

The problem with a chicken wing is I end up scooping the ball at impact instead of compressing the ball with my hands out in front of the ball.  I lose power and control.


Keep the ball down

I also hit the ball higher than I would like.

Playing golf in Hawaii it helps if you can keep your shots down because it’s almost always windy.

The Lag shot 7i will help you keep the ball down too.

There’s nothing worse than floating a short iron up into the breeze and watching it get gobbled up by the wind.

Our course has water on 13 holes and 113 bunkers. Inconsistent golf shots, mishits and high floating iron shots will wreak havoc on your score.

Lag and consistency

The biggest problem with a chicken wing and not striking the ball with lag is the inconsistency.

For a right-handed golfer lag keeps the right hand silent through impact.

It gives power but doesn’t steer the ball.

When you flip the club the right hand is forced to make micro corrections through impact.

It’s almost impossible to do this on a reliable basis.

This miracle swing training aid helps fix this.

It will lower your scores

The Lag Shot 7 iron is the single most important golf swing aid I have ever purchased and it has lowered my scores by over 2 strokes!

Here are my before and after golf scores.

Old Golf Handicap
Current Golf Handicap

And my handicap is still coming down today.

Why lag is so important?

Touring pros and scratch golfers strike the ball with the shaft still in lag.  They do this effortlessly.

There are studies showing how far forward your hands are at impact is directly related to your golf score.  The better you are at golf the further forward your hands are at impact.  

Greater lag equals lower scores.

Handicap to lag relationship

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the number 1 player in the world.

Talk about lag.

Don’t we all wish we could hit it like DJ?

Lag Shot helps keep the arms and body connected in the downswing.

If you rush your hands and arms it’s super flexible shaft will throw the club face forward and you won’t hit it solid.

In short, it will force you to fix your tempo, rhythm, transition and will help sequence your swing.

With a few simple drills you will learn to keep your wrist hinged longer, preserving your lag for impact.

My experience with the Lag Shot 7-iron

Like I said earlier.

The chicken wing has been killing my game and no matter what I do I just can’t fix it.  

Here’s a picture from just a few weeks ago before I started using the training club.  

You can see my hands are not out in front, I’m scooping the ball, my hips haven’t cleared and my chest is still square.   

Pre Lag Shot Golf Trainer
Pre Lag Shot Golf

It’s no wonder I’m a 6 – 7 hdcp golfer.

I’ll never get to scratch with this fundamental flaw.

This is Frustrating and infuriating

It’s not like I’m not trying to fix this.

In fact I’ve been working on this one aspect of my golf swing for 9 years.

I’ve watched hundreds of hours of video instruction. I’ve even reached out to people on facebook.

And bought a half dozen golf gadgets.

I’ve filmed my swing endlessly and taken lessons.

I just couldn’t fix it.

First shots

But then I saw this amazing golf club on a Google ad.

I’ve read all the reviews too.

And then a few weeks later I was on the range when one of the younger folks next to me was hitting a the 7 iron training aid.  

I asked him if I could try it out.

He said, “sure, knock yourself out.”

It is heavier than a normal club and the shaft and grip are rubbery.

I took my normal swing and hit the first one way right and low.

In fact, I hit the first 10-12 balls way to the right and low.  

Similar to a shank but they weren’t hit off the hosel, my club face was just wide open because my hands were behind the ball at impact.  

After about a dozen shots I started hitting a few straight and after a dozen more I could hit them straight consistently.

Ordering new golf swing training aid

I loved the feel of this swing aid so much I went home and ordered one that day.

It took about a minute to order online and to my surprise it arrived two days later!!

This was especially fast since I live in Hawaii.

It came in a standard golf club box and was wrapped very professionally.

I love the blue shaft and the black club head is cool!

I took my brand new club to the range the next morning and got to work with it right away.

Here’s a photo of a practice session.

With Lagshot Golf 7 iron

Better. But it’s a work in progress.

As far as golf swing training aids go, this is the next best thing to getting professional golf instruction.

How does it work?

The club forces you to swing properly.  

There’s just no way you can hit a golf ball straight with it unless your body and swing are sequenced properly.

I found it was also helping me with my back swing too.

Especially with my wrists and setting the proper wrist hinge. 

A pro once told me to fix my swing from the ground up.

Start with the feet, turn the hips, the torso follows and then the arms and finally the hands.

If you get too fast or out of synch with this club, it is going to the right and it’s going to be ugly.

When you’re hitting balls with this club the feedback is instantaneous and clear.

After a couple of trips to the range the results were clear too.

Here’s a photo after just a few practice sessions

Big difference.  

Hips have cleared (hey I’m 58…that’s cleared for me) and my chest is more open.  While my hands aren’t exactly out in front of the ball where I’d like them to be, they’re getting there.

Post lag shot golf swing
After practice

How Do You Hit This Swing Trainer?

I’m not going to lie to you, this is a hard club to hit initially.

Just like any other swing trainer in golf you have to get used to it.

I recommend taking some slow half swings at first.

And then work your way up to full swings.

Of course there are training videos too.

Don’t get discouraged

There’s nothing more discouraging in golf than hitting bad shot after bad shot.

Especially at the driving range.

You’re probably going to think to yourself that it’s not working right or there must be something wrong with it.

There isn’t. Your swing is just not as good as it needs to be.

Scratch golfers

I let one of the best players at our club hit a few shots with mine to see what would happen.

He hit the everyone straight and with power.

Without any extra swings at all.

This told me everything I needed to know.

It was me. Not the club.

Does it work?

It did for me and continues to do so.  

I swing with it before every round to loosen up.  It’s a little heavier than a normal 7-iron so it’s great for that.  

It’s also great as a pure tempo trainer and finding the proper swing sequencing.

If you try to bring your arms and hands into the swing too quickly the feedback is immediate.

The downswing must start from the ground up and with a slight hip turn.

I normally throw in about 10-12 swings with it before a round to bring back muscle memory.

When I hit balls, I always start with this club to remind me of what I am trying to do.

I like to think of it as the perfect swing trainer.

It’s also helping to increase my swing speed!

Will it lower your scores?  

It has lowered my scores significantly.

I can tell you that I shot a 77 the other day and it could have easily been a 71.  

I knocked it stiff on about 5 holes but didn’t make a single putt.

After only a few weeks working with it I was so much more confident in my swing.

My golf swing tempo has never been better.

I’m hitting my irons so much better and I’m hitting them straighter and farther.

Especially into the wind.

My game has come down almost a stroke over the past month too.

Managing the golf course

The lag shot club allows me to manage the golf course better.

I can hit my irons with precision accuracy and I don’t have to play away from trouble as much as I used to.

There are more “green light” situations where I can hit the ball directly at the pin.

And do so with confidence.

Highly recommended

Overall, I’m very pleased and excited about this golf swing training aid and would recommend it for anyone trying to improve their game.

I also think this training aid will work for scratch or better golfers and struggling golfers alike for tempo control.

Are there other clubs besides the 7-iron?

The driver training aid


The company makes a driver and wedge. They also make left handed clubs as well.

Imagine being able to hold lag all the way through a driver like the pros do.

I lose sleep over thinking about hitting a ball that pure.


Like anything these days, Lag Shot comes with extras.

There’s a free 10 part video training series.

The Lag Shot video training series is taught by with 3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year, and Founder of Scratch Golf Academy Adam Bazalgette.

Adam is easy to understand and he’s got a great swing as well.

I was motivated to practice after watching each video.

The Amazing 7i

Additional Benefits:

  • Put the lag shot iron in your golf bag and leave it there if you ride all the time. This way you can take it out in the middle of the round and regain your tempo with a few practice swings.
  • You’ll use this training club for the rest of your life, especially as you get older.
  • You can hit real golf shots with this swing training aid.
  • You’ll be able to accentuate the positive aspects of your swing and reinforce positive swing thoughts.
  • You’ll become a member of the lag shot golf 7 iron team.
  • Access to additional training videos and YouTube instruction.
  • Did I mention power, impact and tempo?

Swing training aid videos :

  • A Successful Start
  • Getting Value and Maximizing Results
  • At Home Training
  • Lag Shot Drills
  • Pre Round Warm Up Strategy
  • Three Simple Swing Keys
  • Longer, Straighter Drives
  • Wedge Play Mastery
  • Around the Greens
  • Lasting Progress with Lag Shot

You’ll also get a 30-day money back guarantee, but my guess is you won’t want to send it back.

I know I never considered doing that.

The world’s greatest swing trainer

Compared To Orange Whip

I own both of these golf swing training aides.

The similarities are they are both excellent swing tools for loosening up and feeling the proper tempo.

Orange whip will also help you lengthen your backswing because of the weighted ball on the end. I like the 7 iron better than Orange Whip because it feels more natural.

The greatest benefit and single reason I recommend Lag Shot over Orange Whip is I can hit balls with it.

There’s no imagining my swing or where the ball is going to go. The feedback is precise and immediate.

Winner: Lag Shot by a mile.


I’m sold.

I’ve been around the block a time or two with swing training aids and I have to say this is by far my favorite.

It’s one of the few that I’ve run across that does exactly what it says it is going to do.

Fix your golf swing.

It’s like the medicus driver in that regard. If you don’t swing this training aid correctly, or put another way, if you don’t swing correctly period, you just won’t be a able to hit this club.

I honestly believe in this golf club as a swing training aid

Have you tried Lag Shot?

I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Let me know what you liked or didn’t like about it or if it worked for you.

Also please let me know what I should add to this lag shot golf review.

It’s lowered my handicap and I hope it is lowering yours too.

I still use mine every time I go to the driving range and I swing it 10-12 times before every round of golf.

It’s as much part of my golf equipment as my golf shoes, clubs, etc.

Order one today and get started on the journey to transform your golf game.

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