November 11

A Review of the Top High MOI Golf Putters for Women

November 11, 2021


When looking for high MOI golf putters for women on Amazon it can seem like a daunting task. We’ve helped narrow down the search for you.

After playing golf for some time, you realize you are also dealing with physics and therefore the putter’s design.

The moment of inertia (MOI) then is likely to be the most critical factor in putting.

When you hear the words “moment of inertia,” you will want to learn more.

The following explanation will give you the insight needed to buy a fantastic women’s putter on Amazon’s website.

So, What is a High MOI Golf Putter?

MOI, in golf, represents the measurement of resistance to the twisting of the putter’s face on impact.

Any twisting has a direct impact on putts.

A putt hit in the center goes where it is directed while an off-center strike will take a different direction and with less speed. 

The sweet spot is the spot in the middle of a club’s or putter’s face where you want to strike the ball for the most efficiency.

You will do well if you hit every putt in the sweet spot.

Naturally a less skilled and experienced golfer needs a club that will help her in her goal of hitting the sweet spot. 

Putting length also factors into the equation.

Regardless of your skill level and experience, a longer putt means a longer swing.

If your swing is longer, you won’t hit the sweet spot as frequently.

That is why it pays to practice – on both short and long putts.

The goal is to reduce the chance of a three-putt (or even worse) outcome.  

In turn, the higher the MOI the greater the sweet spot. You just need to focus on that number.

A putt that is hit off-center with a low MOI putter can land several feet farther from the hole than a poorly struck shot with a high MOI putter.

Therefore, the following top putters for women offer a high MOI score and a design that will assist you in playing your best on the course or during practice.

The Best High MOI Golf Putters For Women

#1 – TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Double Bend

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Double Bend has the highest of high MOIs and features a heavy head and lightweight aluminum design – perfect for sinking those all important shots. Players claim they feel the club’s stability upon impact. 

The only thing about the putter is that it is expensive.

However, if you want to progress, you won’t be disappointed with this golf club. This putter is considered one of the most square putters you’ll find in the marketplace.

LPGA players love this putter and you will too.

You can prevent a skid off the club’s face, thanks to the face’s pure roll insert. The double bend shaft offers a nice forward press at setup. 

Check it out here and see why the extra cost is well worth the investment.

#2 – Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter

You will experience a great deal of benefits if you choose this high MOI brand putter. The putter also comes with a large sweet spot, is affordable, and comes in various designs and styles.

So, you can find a putter especially made for you. Most high MOI putters feature a mallet vs. blade design.The only drawback is that the sound is not as forceful as the stroke lab on this golfing tool. 

Cleveland produces some of the greatest short game tools available.

No exceptions with the new Frontline Elevado. Affordability and feel are key features of Cleveland putters.

With the Elevado and its 2135 technology, you will easily experience improved alignment. 

While most putters require that your head is positioned directly over the face of the putter, you don’t have to do this with the Cleveland Frontline.

This mallet styled putter gives the club the weight needed to be considered a high MOI putter.

Learn more about the putter here.

#3 Pinemeadow – Golf PGX MB

If you are seeking an inexpensive high MOI putter, you should set your sights on the Pinemeadow Golf PGX MD. This putter features a high MOI, large sweet spot, and displays a design that looks great in your golf bag – something a lady appreciates. 

The putter also puts a good roll on the ball. While it does not feel the same as a highline club, such as aSpyder, it does give the beginning golfer a positive start.

Also, you can see the clubhead even in highly bright playing conditions.

If you have played with a blade putter in the  past, you will like making the switch to the PInemeadow and its higher MOI.

#4 Odyssey Golf Ten Putter for 2021

If you are a high handicapper, you will appreciate the Odyssey Golf Ten Putter. The putter, which is often seen on LPGA and PGA tours, has an enhanced high performance micro hinge design. Just don’t let the larger size of the club throw you off. This style is worth investigating.

If you want to improve your alignment and experience a high MOI, this putter is worth consideration.

Odyssey has improved the putter’s Stroke Lab Shaft, making it lighter weight, thereby ensuring consistency and a better roll. Just a warning – this putter is more pricey than other putters in the marketplace.

However, if you care about the impact of your putter and how it affects our rolls, this putter should be considered. 

Review its design here.

#5 Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten Putter

This putter resembles the Spider designed putter and features any easy-to-use alignment system.

The forgiving club head offers good performance, even on off-center hits.

A large sweet spot makes putting more positive. However, the brand putter also features a lot of options – a bit overwhelming at times.

Nevertheless, if you are a mid-to-high-handicapper, this putter’s design was made for you.

Stroke Lab putters have gone through several technological studies to obtain an edge in the marketplace. This putter is no exception to the rule.

The forgiving mallet shape of the Odyssey provides great tempo and consistency. Even if you miss the club face’s center, you will receive a decent roll.

The added Micro Hinge Star insert provides a solid feel and great sound. By using this putter, you can perform at higher levels.

Review its benefits by clicking on this link now.

Final Thoughts

The above putters give you a good idea of what to expect when choosing a high MOI club.

While they are numbered 1 to 5, that does not mean one is necessarily better than the other.

What you choose in a putter will depend on your handicap, what you prefer in a design, and your budget.

All the above putters will help you decide along these lines.


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