January 22

Top Motorized Golf Push Carts

January 22, 2022


Check out our top motorized golf push carts and one motorized upgrade attachment.

Best Motorized Attachment

The Club Booster V2 E-Wheels by Alphard

Walking over a golf course makes golfing even more healthful. To make walking more pleasurable, you may want to add an electric motor to your manual golf push cart to trek over the fairways and greens.

If you already have a  manual push cart, you may want to consider giving it that extra boost of power by adding this incredible motor. It is easy to install and can make walking over the course less difficult when you have a manual caddy in tow.

With this converter, you can turn your golf push cart into a remote controlled caddie in under 20 minutes. All you have to do is remove the back wheels and add the mounting brackets. This Club Booster V2 product features all the amenities found on premium motorized push cart designs.

The integrated 6-axis gyroscope spans the terrain every 10 milliseconds to ensure your caddy is directed in a straight direction over bumps, slopes, and precipitous inclines and terrains. The added feature maintains proper speeds and prevents unwanted tumbles as you hike over a course.

Enjoy effortless and seamless steering with the device’s distance and timer settings, which allow you to send the cart over 15 or 30 yards by just pressing a button. You can also use your smartphone for navigation if you so choose.

This item is loaded with numerous features, incluidng a removable lithium-ion battery, parking brake, silent motors, smartphone-enabled app, and weatherproofing so you can play in the rain. Again, the installation is fast and you can learn the smart controls quickly. This premium motor fits most major brands, including Bag Boy, Sun Mountain, ClicGear, Rovic, Alphard, and CaddyTek.

To learn more about this amazing device, view the Amazon website. It sells for $799.99.

Best Affordable Motorized Golf Push Carts

MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Push Cart

This is a great motorized caddy sold on Amazon.com. It is unique and will not break the bank when you compare the price to other motorized push carts. Not only does this caddy offer a quiet and smooth ride, it will make it easier for you to focus on your game. If you feel your best when golfing, you will also play a better game of golf.

So, what makes this caddy stand out besides the price?

This motorized marvel comes with a Click & Go LIthium 24 volt 250Wh battery. Digital electronics control the battery indicator and variable speed control. A fixed swivel wheel with all terrain tread ensures a smooth ride as well. Also, a fourth-wheel design includes a foldable rear fourth wheel for increased stability and support. You also get downhill speed control.

The cost for this motorized cart is currently $598.95. Get it today on Amazon.com.

GT Electric Motorized Golf Push Cart by PowerBug with Lightweight Lithium Battery and Charger

This PowerBug motorized caddy is made in Germany. With the lithium battery, it weighs a mere three pounds and covers 27 holes. Therefore, any person of any age will love using this push cart. With a variable run-and-park design, you can speed up the pace or automatically set the push cart to operate and stop for a distance of 50 years.

If you are seeking a push cart to propel your golf clubs, this entry level model is ideal. It folds for easy storage and transports and fits into most SUVS and autos. With quick-release wheels and high-traction tires, your electric buggy provides all-terrain support while moving over any golf course. Buy it now on Amazon for $849.00.

The S2R Remote Control Electric Golf Cart in Silver by NovaCaddy

This motorized cart gets high marks on Amazon’s website and it is easy to see why. Its Deep Cycle motor and lightweight aluminum frame holds up well under all types of outdoor weather activities.

The cart, which is remote-controlled, spans over 130 yards, and its golf-friendly 7-speed control design and downhill electronic brake makes it easy to operate. You can operate the trolley manually or with the motor, so you will get stuck out on the course during play. The SR2 offers sustained driving even on the roughest of terrains.

This cart’s  aerospace grade aluminum frame weighs about 20 pounds, excluding the acid-lead 12V 35A battery, which is a 43-pounds in weight.

This high-performance cart is functional, practical, and well worth the price. You can see it for yourself on the Amazon website. It currently lists for $960. Accessories include remote control, cup holder, umbrella holder, AC adapter, rechargeable battery, scorecard holder, and toolkit.


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